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What is is an infrastructure powering Rachel Chen's digital presence. It has over 64 physical cores and more than 512GB of memory capacity to support current and future functionality.


What can/does do?

As of Feburary, 2016, currently runs:

  1. Git Repo
  2. Blog
  3. S3-Compatible object storage
  4. Analytics
  5. Globally redundant + DNSSEC Authoritative DNS
  6. Mail System
  7. ...and other services runs on Open Source softwares, including but not limited to:

  • kubernetes (Container Orchestration)
  • KVM (Virtualization)
  • SmartOS (Lightweight container)
  • ZFS (Data integrity)
  • OpenNebula (Data Center virtualization)
  • pfSense (Firewall)
  • Snort (IDS)
  • NodeJS
  • Percona (Multi-master replication)
  • RethinkDB (NoSQL on steroids)
  • minio (S3 Cluster)

It was started because of my frustration of searching for a stable hosting solution. Shared hosting was unpredictable, and VPS was also unpredictable. Therefore, I purchased my first dedicated server in 2014, and colocated it with Hurricane Electric.

However, my passion and pursuit for "computer stuff" doesn't let me stop there.

Since I was young, I had deep interest in disassembling and reassembling electronics. Desktop, FM Radio, almost a CRT TV (I'm still alive). There is a nerve for engineering deep inside my DNA.

It was one Xeon E3 1U server, then it became 3 dual L5640 servers, then it is now two racks of servers in Fremont with Hurricane Electric, one with Incero in Dallas, one in West Virginia, and one with OVH in France.

All to satisfy my never ending pursuit of tinkering. I'm only an international student currently at UCSC.

What's the future?

There will be more and more integrated services on this platform. Moving from DropBox to my on-premise + offsite backup, Gmail to Dermail, S3 to minio, and etc. There is no reason to use external services if there is an infrastructure just for myself.

Plus, if this ships goes down, there goes my online presence. Unless I'm ready to be a monk, then I think I will be keeping this platform up and healthy.

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